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Show them fear

In a handful of dust

What is more fearsome than the powers of water and fire? Their marriage, their lovechild: steam. The Queen knew that, and thus Britannia rules the world. All the way East. North to the land of the Tsars and riders, South to the Sultan's jewel: Constantinople. Victoria's dreams are realized, though no one calls her that anymore. Most refer to her as Her Fearsome Majesty now.


The factories of England choke the sky with soot. Mother Nature is dead. They say it snows dry ice in the North. They say eyebrows burst into flame in the South. They say Egypt is a plain of shining glass, as far as the eye can see.

Is the Queen a tyrant? Life in her domain is fine. The Spaniards have employment, it's not yet too cold for the Danes, the Franks have largely stopped rebelling. Some still do. Who do you believe? Who will you fight for?

Fight for the Queen! Fight for the Unions! Fight for the Rebellion! Fight for the Loyalists! Fight for the Sultanate! Fight for the Tsarnarchy! Fight for the Christ of Clockwork! Fight for yourself, for money, for glory, for entertainment!

Let us go then, you and I. When the evening is spread out against the sky.


Join the battle

A game of prediction, precision, and power


Find yourself

Choose a character and customize your warrior with a wide selection of weapons and themed decks. With thousands of different possibilities, who will you choose to be on the battlefield? One of Her Majesty's Dreadnaughts, defending your comrades? A flywheel automaton Cossack, striking like a steam train? The Sultan's most elite who can skewer with an arrow before an enemy even sees you?

Coming Soon

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You can also download the free demo here.


Perhaps you already know me?

I've been drawing comics for various subreddits and communities for several years now, but I always wanted to make a game. Without my fans, family, and friends, I wouldn't have the nerve to do this myself. Thank you all for your support, and I hope you will enjoy my game!


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