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Common Questions

Is the game out right now?

No. It won't be for a few months. It will likely hit Kickstarter at around mid 2022 and hit the shelves later that year.

How will I be able to get the game?

After it goes live on kickstarter, you will be able to pledge for both print & play and the finished product. After it is fully backed, it will be able to be purchased online, or even at board game shops.

This is a cool idea. How do I support it at this phase?

Tell your friends about it! The more people who are interested in the game, the better the chance of a smooth development process and a swift backing. Plus, if more people know about it, you can play with more people in the end! You may also choose to pledge on patreon!

Is there a community for Gentlemen of War?

Yes! Check out our subreddit and our (much more carefree) discord server!

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