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Round 1 of investigations

Not much has been revealed about the world of Gentlemen of War, that's because it will be for you to discover!

Every now and then, an investigation into the world will be called. Everyone can vote here and on reddit for a faction to look deeper into. After a while, the decision will be made based on votes, and everyone will discover some new information and intel on that faction! That said, today marks the monumental first investigation!

There will be several places on which you can vote, like on our subreddit or on our discord server!

You lived a peaceful life as a farmhand in a remote part of Scotland. You never cared for politics or the Great Game of Europe, but recently, it's becoming harder and harder to avoid it. Your neighbors are talking about the Queen's newest colonies, your landlord is talking about the rebellions in London, even your son is babbling about some new orthodoxy about... Industry? Perhaps it's time you learn a little about...

The Queen? Is she even your queen again?

The Rebellions? There seems to be a lot of noise down there.

The new Church? Since when did that happen? What about the Protestants?

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